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Andrew Stoddart

Managing Director
Andrew is the VIDA founder and brand ambassador. Andrew will plot the course and bring the team along the journey to success.

"I have over 20 years experience at the top level of architectural design. I specialise in providing clients with advice and guidance on the commercial, creative and contractual elements of design, particularly in respect of delivering successful outcomes to listed building, conservation area and general planning applications. I can help achieve the best planning consent in the fastest time possible, delivering the best commercial, financial and emotional outcome. Which I'm proud to say has resulted in repeat business from many of our clients."

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Steve Fothergill

Chief Engineer
Steve ensures VIDA are technically efficient, that drawing standards are met and that schemes can actually be built.

"Over my 20-odd years in the business, I've become used to being the difficult one. It's my job to ask the tricky questions, 'how is that done?, 'have we considered?', have we told the client?' I pride myself on always being on top of legislation, and being one step ahead of the problems to keep projects on track."

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Andrew Redmile

Head Technician
The technical problem solver and engine room of our projects. Andrew has a passion for technical specification and clear drawings. Strong team player and clear communicator.

"I believe collaboration is the best way to achieve a positive outcome for VIDA and its clients. Although there are times when in such a technically focused business, I'll use my experience, put my foot down and say, 'sorry, that's just not possible, or if we do it this way we'll get through this much more efficiently.' Always for the good of the project."

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Oliver Garside

Apprentice Architect
The next generation of VIDA talent. Oliver is the guy who gets stuck into the design challenge and creates fabulous 3D visuals and graphic documents.

"I have passion for doing and continuous learning; always positive, driving design excellence and I feel privileged to be working with such a talented and experienced team. This gives me all the motivation I need for helping to build the VIDA brand."

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Vision for 2017
An award winning architectural practice

Our purpose is to deliver high value ROI residential planning consents for private developers and property investors.


Our outstanding team have character, behaviours and knowledge which results in us being leading experts in our field.


Focusing on results we consistently deliver our promises and are the solution


We get paid on the results we produce, selling time is not for us.


We never have a ceiling on the value we create for others and the revenue potential we generate into the business.


We celebrate success and share rewards.

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