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4 Home Trends for 2018

2018 is a great year to embark on a home renovation project. You could just paint a couple of walls but why not hire an architect and go the extra mile? It is a lot more satisfying! And at the end of the process, your home will be worth more, which is never a bad thing!

Here are four exciting new home trends for 2018, which are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Versatile Concrete

Concrete is nothing new. This versatile material has been used for decades, and in the 60’s and 70’s, urban architecture relied on tons of the stuff. Today, concrete isn’t just used in car parks and office blocks. Concrete can be used inside your home in numerous places, and if you watch a few episodes of Grand Designs, you will see just how versatile it can be.

So, instead of opting for a marble floor or granite worktop in your kitchen, look at using polished concrete instead. It can be cast in all kinds of wonderful shapes and textures, so experiment, or ask your favourite architects in Leeds for ideas!

A Modern Farmhouse Vibe

Modern farmhouse is more a decorative trend, but you can incorporate this into an architectural design. Think ‘rustic farmhouse’, but with a more modern feel. Instead of pine and oak, look at concrete, copper and stone. Use industrial lighting rather than French inspired chandeliers. You are aiming for a modern, sleek look rather than an overly fussy home.

It’s a Minimalist Life

Ask any architecture experts what their clients want right now, and the answer is probably a minimalist home. The move away from traditional, cluttered homes filled with furniture and accessories is complete. Our clients would much rather live in a minimalist home where less is more. Cookie cutter homes are out; contemporary residences with integrated technology and automation is in. Smart homes are here to stay!

Open Plan Living is in

The homes of the past often featured small rooms. Today’s homeowner wants an open plan living space that can accommodate living, dining, studying and playing. Architects Leeds love designing open-plan homes where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor are blurred. Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to achieve this, as you can open an entire wall and let light and warmth in at the touch of a button.

For more information on any of these exciting trends, talk to us today!

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