VIDA and in particular our lead consultant, Andrew is very flexible, thoroughly professional in his approach and totally reliable in terms of delivery.

His strengths, and the reason why we chose VIDA in the first place, are that he is a great listener, hones our business needs down to the core commercial ingredients we are looking to gain, delivers pragmatic design solutions and then provides totally objective, honest opinion on what planning gain we can achieve working within the constraints of the planning legislation applicable to the developments we are working on. It is this skill of distilling our commercial requirements into design solutions that achieve planning permissions and the fact that he brings an outlook which spans much wider than just designing a building that really adds value to Bradbury Investments.

John Lyttle
Managing Director, Bradbury Investments

The way to best describe the value brought to the business by VIDA is “insightful expertise” and “professionalism”.

The appointment of VIDA was due to recommendation from another of our suppliers which is the best form of marketing.

Working together was straightforward & fulfilled our brief to gather a significant amount of relevant and useful information about our property portfolio to assess commercial opportunities open to us. Vida delivered on its values of being straight talking, respectful, transparent and gave us massive value in terms of delivering difficult listed building planning permissions in order to maximize our commercial advantage.

Adrian Green
Manager, Jaytee Group

“VIDA’s track record of design and fit out of offices and their ability to truly understand what the Fantastic Media brand stands for have helped us create a working space which is truly outstanding and stimulating to work within.

Our new office has sparked upbeat and positive feedback from our employees, clients and visitors alike. It provides us with a Fantastic environment, superb accommodation in which to further develop our business strategy and our people as we continue to expand.”

Andy Hobson
Managing Director, Fantastic Media